Residential Division

Appraisals of residential properties for lenders, borrowers of varying complexity depending on clients requirements. Reports for Power of Sale, Marital disputes, partnership buyouts, private sale situations or just for information purposes. Appraisals for litigation purposes for virtually any effective date. Appraisals of partial interests and properties "with or without" various described components. Waterfront is our specialty.

ICI Division

Appraisals of Investment (including resort or development), Commercial, & Industrial properties for various purposes. Litigation appraisals on residential and ICI properties. Appraisals of the market value effect of just about any issue that may affect a property such as an easement, adverse influence, etc.


Thank you for visiting my web site. I am a real estate appraiser accredited by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.  (Credentials) As an appraiser since June of 1990, (accredited August 2001) I can confidently appraise most forms of real estate.  I serve the following areas:  Barrie and Simcoe County, Muskoka, and Parry Sound and to a limited degree: Bruce County, Georgian Bay, York Region and Haliburton.

What Constitutes a "Good Appraisal" ?- Real Estate Appraisals are opinions - the analysis of real estate value should be based on a combination of elements but most commonly comparable sales and listings. An appraiser should examine the common elements between the subject property and the comparables and make value adjustments for differences. The result should be a reconciled opinion of value based on the facts available. A clients' concerns regarding value issues should be addressed, but may not affect the value conclusion. Appraisal assignments are not taken on the basis of providing a predetermined value estimate. I do not consider the value estimate to have any bearing on whether an appraisal is "good" or "bad".

Real Estate Appraisal Services

Real Estate Appraisals can be performed for various uses (function) and can consider various "types of value" (purpose). I perform appraisals that consider the market value as of ANY DATE, as long as data is available.

Appraisals are conducted following the Standard Rules of Appraisal Practice as set by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

bullet Litigation Appraisals used as a court ready document.
bullet This is the most intensive appraisal I provide. I usually inspect all the comparable sales, when possible, and always confirm them with the registry office. I often conduct interviews with the parties involved in the transaction. These appraisals are most often used to help resolve a dispute between owners. I write these reports in "layman's" terms so that a Judge and the litigants can clearly understand the reasoning behind my value estimate. This allows the participants to be more reasonable with respect to valuation issues and more likely to reach a settlement.
bullet Mediation Appraisals used to help resolve a dispute.

These appraisals are used when participants are relatively convinced of a range of value but need guidance concerning various factors and how they affect value. I'm often called in as the third appraiser in this circumstance to help analyze the other appraisals and provide a comprehensive analysis of the disputed factor(s) and their relationship to the total market value.  Such factors, from a residential point of view, could be items such as a pool, new addition, over-improvement, functional obsolescence, super adequacy, etc. From an ICI point of view these factors could include a more in-depth analysis of "supply and demand factors", functional obsolescence, locational obsolescence, and "value in use" versus "value in exchange" concerns.

More recently this type of analysis has considered the valuation of specific "components" of a property in order to estimate a "value in contribution" to a property. This type of report is most commonly used by Title Insurance companies but often concerns neighbours. Easements, rights or way, and encroachment issues are often settled after considering an expert opinion which I can provide.  

bullet Information Appraisals for various uses.
bullet At times clients are interested in the "market value" of their property for various reasons ranging from tax related issues, to re-location appraisals relating to the sale of the property, to the potential sale to a family member or friend, or just a private deal. I can provide appraisals that provide the minimal requirements by the AIC (Appraisal Institute of Canada) to extremely comprehensive appraisals that may involve extraordinary assumptions, hypothetical assumptions, or extraordinary limiting conditions that have been requested by the client.
bullet Mortgage Appraisals for the placement of financing.
bullet These appraisals are performed for the "educated" lender who has a full understanding of the appraisal process and the methods employed. As such, these appraisals are often meet the minimum requirements from a residential point of view and are prepared on a form. For ICI properties, I generally perform "Short Narrative" appraisals that provide accurate results with minimal quantification for adjustments or "Full Narrative" which may be required for litigation purposes. "Short Narrative" reports are more cost effective for the client.
bullet Consulting Services
bullet I consult on development scenarios, "highest and best use" analysis, historical and speculative investment analysis, trend analysis, etc. I've conducted Market Analysis Reports, Space Availability Studies, and Parking Studies for Government agencies and can consult during lease negotiations.
bullet Expert Witness testimony
bullet I've appeared as an expert witness and I am prepared to do this again if required.
bullet Appraisal Review

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Value Issues: Disputes relating to real estate and things you should consider (especially for Marital disputes). Do you really need an appraisal? Should I settle?

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In addition to Real Estate Appraisals I provide various products that can be used by the client during their own investigations into various forms of property.

bullet Property information searches
bullet Historical information about property values
bullet Comparable sales search


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